How to manage your life like a product manager

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how to be more productive than I currently am. At the beginning of each year I always write down a list of things I think I should get done this year, but never get around to actually doing all of them. I don’t even know at the end of the year which part was complete and which was not! So naturally I gravitated towards, maybe if I write everything down into a task list and just start checking it off, I might actually get more done. Off I went in search of a perfect TODO list tool. Many many tools later, still not getting stuff done 🙁Read More »

Notes to my son

We are going to have a new addition to the family and hopefully a new reader to this blog. I really, really liked the google ad where the dad catalogs and writes emails to his daughter through the years via all the google applications. I wanted to do something similar for my son. Here is the first in a regular series of blog posts called “notes to my son”. Hopefully he reads them someday and gets something out of it. Hopefully y’all get some thing out of it too. Comment on the posts, so that he gets to see all sides of the argument :).

Hey Son,
Welcome. Dad here, hope all is well. I hope you are enjoying your stay inside the womb. We would really like it if you stay in there a little longer. Its good for you

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Some truths for the individual investor Part 2

In a previous post there was tough love, lets move on to happier things, what are the things that are going well for the individual investor?

Index funds are pretty prevalent and everybody knows about them. Indexing  leads to lower fees and fees are the biggest killer of your portfolio. Lower the fees, less the hit. Today’s investor has many more low cost choices available. You can construct a good diversified portfolio with minimal cost yourself without needing a Phd.

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