Welcome, its going to be a fun ride as long you have the right behaviors

Hey Son.

Hope things are well. At this time all you are supposed to do is eat, crap and sleep, thats it, nothing more nothing less. Daddy and Mommy are really happy that you are here. These are your formative growing years so how about we start with some lessons on behavior.

Most humans have what we call cognitive biases, these were great things when we were evolving from animals, but cripple us today. A lot of research is now being done on this topic and marketers have made a fortune using these biases to make money of you. So its a good idea to understand what these are and how to counter. We will talk about two big ones today, Confirmation Bias and Loss aversion.

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Notes to my son

We are going to have a new addition to the family and hopefully a new reader to this blog. I really, really liked the google ad where the dad catalogs and writes emails to his daughter through the years via all the google applications. I wanted to do something similar for my son. Here is the first in a regular series of blog posts called “notes to my son”. Hopefully he reads them someday and gets something out of it. Hopefully y’all get some thing out of it too. Comment on the posts, so that he gets to see all sides of the argument :).

Hey Son,
Welcome. Dad here, hope all is well. I hope you are enjoying your stay inside the womb. We would really like it if you stay in there a little longer. Its good for you

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