Monetary musings – 2020 year in review

As we enter the last few weeks of 2020, I want to take stock of how this blogging experiment has been faring.

Credit : Scott Adams

I started this year with a simple objective, write consistently week after week. Looking back at the metrics, this consistency habit has paid off in spades. The post count for 2020 was 40 posts (almost one every week!) which is almost double the 22 posts written in 2019. In terms of page views this has been a stellar year, dare I say hockey stick growth! The page views for 2020 came in at ~12.5K YTD growing 3X over 2019 (4.1K views). Visitors also grew 2.7X to 7.1K visitors in 2020.

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End of the Line | Lessons from the fall of AT&T

Book review time! Some lessons learned from reading the End of the Line: The Rise and Fall of AT&T by Leslie Cauley . How I got to this book is an interesting story in itself. I’m a huge Twitter consumer (I read a lot, but barely tweet) and Post_M is one of my favorite accounts on Twitter. She tweeted a video of a talk with Liberty Media’s CEO John Malone, which I watched and started going through the rabbit hole of more John Malone talks on Youtube and one of the videos recommended this book. The cable industry was never on my list of things that cared about, but thanks to Twitter and Youtube and a book recommendation – I learned a lot! The internet is truly a wonderful place.

Lights out, lessons from the turmoil at GE

This is the first attempt at what could become a monthly feature on this blog. I’m always experimenting with new things to write about and books are my latest source of inspiration 🙂 It fits with the theme of this blog – I want to write about things as a mechanism to learn and retain! What better way to retain knowledge than to write down what you learned from books!

I recently finished the book Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric which goes into detail about the downfall of General Electric. There are some great lessons for leaders and especially leaders in the fintech space from this book.

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Last post of 2019 – End of year review

For the last post in 2019, I wanted to look back at this blogging experiment that I’ve been running. The initial impetus for the blog was to use it as a mechanism to get better at writing. I’ve found writing to be a great method to figure out If I truly understand something. As with everything practice makes perfect and blogging is how I practice!

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