Reflections as founder, one year in

This blog has been dormant for a while, and there was a good reason for it :). Since early 2021, I’ve started on the founder’s journey of building Kanmon. Some lessons learned over the past year! Almost all advice is not helpful. Most advice is superficial and tends to be generic (and thus not really […]

Everything is neo-banking | BNPL edition

BNPL is the hot space at the moment and the big players Klarna and Afterpay both released their full-year 2020 results last month. For a refresher on BNPL check out, BNPL overview BNPL product deep dive BNPL go to market comparison BNPL competitive dynamics So how was 2020 for these two players?

Income rules everything around me | Investing myths

Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression. Barbra Streisand It’s still GameStop week out here in markets-land with the senate hearings last week. It’s time to bust some myths with regards to retail investing and investment products. Myth 1 – If only everybody had access

Risk rules everything around me

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. Charles Baudelaire. The last few weeks have been interesting in markets and it’s time for my (short) take :). The best take on this topic is Matt Levine’s Money stuff newsletter. My take is about risk which is core to finance. […]

2021 Market musings and predictions

Whew, 2020 what a year. I’m glad that it is behind us. What does the future hold for 2021? TLDR: 2021 most likely a strong bull market – think roaring 20’s. Violent inflation overshoot is the most visible risk, however, black swans are a key risk and nobody can predict them. I’m a reluctant bull […]

Monetary musings – 2020 year in review

As we enter the last few weeks of 2020, I want to take stock of how this blogging experiment has been faring. I started this year with a simple objective, write consistently week after week. Looking back at the metrics, this consistency habit has paid off in spades. The post count for 2020 was 40 […]