Fear and loathing on Wall Street

Warning: Stream of consciousness follows! This week has been wild in the markets and I wanted to put my thoughts on paper and #timestamp my thinking. Standard disclaimer applies; none of this should be taken as investment advice! RIP good times again? Sequoia published version 2.0 of its RIP good times memo, catchily titled Coronavirus […]

Bubble watch?

Short post this week, heard an interesting quote attributed to Scott McNealy on the odd lots podcast this week. On a side note – do listen to this week’s episode with John Hempton, he is one of the sharpest short sellers on the planet. Onwards to the quote

Always look forward

Hey Dhruv, I know daddy has been remiss in writing these notes regularly. Daddy took a new gig at a startup and things are hectic. Daddy’s loving it though, its a fun ride! Daddy wants to talk today about a movie by Woody Allen called “Midnight in Paris”. The central character in this movie (played […]

Apple’s recent 10Q Buzzfeed style

Monetary musings goes listicle, buzzfeed style. My good friend Sidd Singh has a post on his blog on why he is long AAPL, which got me thinking, what does the 10Q say? I’m bearish by nature so there is a downward bias :), bear with me!  Here are the 6 things that are interesting questions for […]

Crappy Financial Reporting

I’m minding my own business and come across this video on Yahoo finance titled “FB to miss whisper number”. I’m long FB so I naturally want to hear this.  I watch the video, all 3 minutes of it. I start laughing hysterically! I’ll explain in a bit. First watch the video here (Sorry can’t embed, […]