Apple’s recent 10Q Buzzfeed style

Monetary musings goes listicle, buzzfeed style. My good friend Sidd Singh has a post on his blog on why he is long AAPL, which got me thinking, what does the 10Q say? I’m bearish by nature so there is a downward bias :), bear with me!  Here are the 6 things that are interesting questions for investors from their latest 10K. By no means is this list comprehensive, just some observations based on a quick read.

Down the rabbit hole we go.

1] Is Apple a hedge fund? 
MBS$15B of MBS on balance sheet? Whoa, why would a tech company need to hold that much MBS? Liquid/Illiquid?, Benny stops buying MBS what happens?

2] Marketable securities, mark-to-unicorn?
Mark to marketOff course you would say that its temporary 🙂 But wait, mark-to-market or mark-to-unicorn?

3] Do 9 month comparisons matter? (Read the fine print)
9 month comparison 19 month comparison 24] iPad Sales are down
Ipad sales5] Mac Sales are down
Mac salesBehold the dip. Mac’s have good margins, is the death of personal computers finally hitting Apple too? Effectively is AAPL now a phone/tablet company? If you believe in Moore’s law, margins are only going to get squeezed in these product lines.

6] Margins are going down
MarginsI think Apple is still a good well run company and a phenomenal cash generating machine. Still a growth stock? Hmmm.

Disclosure: No positions in AAPL at this time. No intention in opening positions for the foreseeable future 🙂

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