Reading and podcast recommendations


Some books/podcast/blogs that i’m enjoying at the moment!


Currently reading: Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer.

Its always irked me that I have a shitty memory, and as I get older its getting worse :(. Joshua is inspiring me to work on improving my memory. This has been a good read – the book is about his story about competing in the memory championship. He interweaves a lot of good tips along the way with some great history on how those techniques came to be. Highly recommended companion piece . I’ve always wanted to understand spaced repetition as a technique and this article lays out the best way to start with anki.

Next on the list: Lying for Money by Dan Davies

I’m a sucker for frauds. I’ve followed Dan Davies on twitter for ages and was super excited when he wrote a book. This promises to be a good read.

Goto blogs

FT Alphaville. This is the best blog, period. I’ve learned more from this blog than my entire MBA curriculum. If you are into the mechanics of finance and really detailed analysis of whats going on – make reading this blog your daily ritual. Their linkfest (Further reading) is amazing. I read EVERY one of them.

Abnormal returns. Tadas has been running this finance focussed linkfest for ages. This is a bit more broad based and covers the gamut from personal finance to industry trends to vc. Add this to your daily reading.


Odd lots: Quirky things in finance. This podcast is a hidden find.

Invest like the best: Patrick O’Shaughnessy is a great interviewer. The guests on these shows are a mix of VC’s and market practitioners. Great fodder for ideas

Venture stories: This is mostly focussed on crypto. It has a been a great introduction for me to learn more about crypto. I skip the bitcoin/hard money episodes and instead focus on the NFT side of things which is super fascinating

Knowledge Project: Shane’s blog Farnam Street is amazing. If you want to learn more about mental models and learning this is the podcast to listen to.

Would love to hear your recommendations in the comments!

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